The Good News Conference

Breast Cancer: What All Women Should Know


October 2, 1996

Rockland Community College Cultural Arts Center


Sponsored by:

Rockland County Legislature’s Special Committee on Women’s Issues



American Cancer Society, Rockland Unit

Rockland Community College

Good Samaritan Hospital

Nyack Hospital


   "A lump in the breast. Few events in life can be more frightening for a woman than discovering that she may have breast cancer. In fact, one in eight American women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.

When the Health Issues subcommittee surveyed its membership for priority issues, breast cancer topped the list. Our planning committee included breast cancer survivors and two women who were diagnosed with breast cancer during the conference planning phase. Those who had experienced the disease wanted others to be aware that there is "good news" in the fight against breast cancer, to learn how to protect oneself and how to find and ensure appropriate care.

 The committee worked for over a year to assure a quality event, with the finest speakers and an array of local specialists. This report documents the proceedings and recommendations which were the result of the breast cancer conference, held on October 2, 1996."

    Harriet Cornell

Conference Chair



Table of Contents

The Special Committee on Women's Issues

Conference Friends and supporters 

The Conference 

Keynote Speakers 

Advocacy Initiatives 

Conference Presentation Summaries 


Genes, Families, and Breast Cancer 

To Be Alive

Panel Discussion: Responding to the Concerns of conference participants

Conference Evaluation

  Meeting the Conference Objectives 

Major Health Problems for Women in Rockland County 

General Satisfaction and Concerns of the Participants  

Recommendations and Further Action 


Conference Brochure

  Information about the Cornell University BCERF Initiative

  Letters of Support


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