WHO? ...You and volunteers from all walks of life.

WHAT? ...Have a commitment to help adults improve their reading or English Skills.

WHERE? ...At your local library or other public area.

WHEN? ...At the convenience of the tutor and learner.

WHY? ...Because we know that improving literacy skills improves our society.

Volunteer to Help

Literacy Solutions NY Inc. provides two types of in-depth training for volunteers who want to help other neighborhood adults read, write, speak, and understand English.

The face-to-face training, held in the fall, in the spring, and in the summer, provides tutors with the skills to help either an English speaking adult with low literacy skills or a non-English speaker. Training lasts about 18 hours and is usually held over a three week period, two times a week.

We also offer an on-line training, which can be done from your own computer at the convenience of the tutor. If that interests you, please indicate that on the tutor application.